We use a combination of several modalities of massage and principles of yoga to help bring a body back into alignment. At Active Asheville, you can count on an anatomically valid approach to your treatment. We know that pain can tell us quite a lot about where we are out of balance, but that often doesn’t mean we should ‘rub where it hurts.’

This work is often focused, and it is goal-oriented. We want to help you get on track, stay on track, or recover from an injury. Call us at 828.333.1239 to learn more!


We are constantly offering solutions to people who are in pain. Sometimes this means inviting them in for a session (or a series of sessions) of bodywork, sometimes it means teaching them stretches or exercises that target theis ‘trouble spots.’ If you suffer from chronic pain, don’t let price be a barrier to giving us a call; we would love to help you in whatever way we can! Also, you can check out or blog for tips and tricks to becoming stronger and healthier.


Obviously, preventing injuries is always better than recovering from them. To that end, we offer classes that help you to become stronger, and wiser, so you’ll make good decisions that hep you avoid catastrophe. But on the day that catastrophe strikes, having first aid knowledge can be invaluable. Come join us for a Foot Fitness or Wilderness First Aid Class!

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