3 Stretches For Back Pain



One of the most common complaints we hear every week is back pain from extended sitting. When we sit, our hamstrings and our abdomen are kept in a shortened position. This shortening can take hold and train our pelvis to be aligned improperly. To reverse the effects, we should limit our time sitting to 45 minute blocks whenever possible, and incorporate stretches into our daily life that lengthen our abdomen and hamstrings and encourage freedom of the hips!

Lunge: Stretch the abdomen, hips and hip flexors

Any stretch that arches our low back and stretches our leg behind us will do, but a simple one to start with is a low lunge. With your back knee on the ground, press the front knee forward in the direction of your toes. This should give you a nice stretch across the rear hip joint. For more stretch, bring the front foot further forward. Next, reach up with your arms to elongate your abdomen and the front of your lower spine. Then, repeat on the other side!


 The ‘half split’: Stretch the hamstrings

There are countless ways to stretch out the hamstrings, but here’s a simple technique that is pretty effective at isolating them. From the same lunging position above, straighten the front leg and start to bend at the hips over that leg until you feel a mild-moderate stretch on the back of your thigh. Keep your back straight and your shoulders back. Switch sides and repeat!

 Shoelace stretch: Loosen the hips

First, hips like to move, so taking a moment to swing your legs is always a good idea. To stretch out those deep, powerful hip muscles, lie on your back with one knee bent. Take your other ankle and cross it over your bent knee. Reach out and grab the leg with the bent knee and pull it toward your head, keeping the other knee as wide as you can comfortably hold it.


What most of our clients know is that pain and injury often comes from postural imbalances and unhealthy repetitive motion. Back pain is not the only problem that comes from extended sitting, nor is that the only cause of back pain, but it is pervasive, and there are some basic steps we can all take to counteract the problems that come from extended sitting. For many people, making these stretches a part of their daily life is enough to say goodbye to back pain.

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